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The Historic Ludlow Ghostwalk

Tom Clarge 1863-1932


Mr. Clarge was a notorious money lender. He was born in the 18 hundreds. He would lend money to anyone who needed it. But the repayments would be high unless of course you had a secret..

If he found out a snippet of information about a mistress or even love letters. He had you where he wanted. Like a skillful surgeon he would bleed you dry of anything that he thought could earn money.

Above the law (most law enforcers were either too scared or corrupt) he would ply his trade in high circles until revenge most bitter struck one cold November night.

A single poison pill was given to Mr. Clarge (at the inquest it was said their was enough poison to kill 20 men) in his drink one night, but a twist to the tale happened. His attacker was identified and Tom Clarge stayed alive, be it in a coma until his murderer was hung. Records say that when the news was broke to the comatose Mr. Clarge a small smile could be seen, then death crept over him and he was released into the next life but his victims still had to pay for many years later.


Master Brookes
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