Location Of Walk

The Historic Ludlow Ghostwalk
st julians
There are lots of streets in Shrewsbury, small, narrow "shuts" this is St. Julians Passage and leads around the church into St. Ackmunds Street
On our right we have two pictures of a street in the town centre. It is called Traitors Gate, the name of the street explains what happened there. Further down the street are 2 small gates. Look inside, there are boxes printed with the text "Hanging Garment Cover" its strange that even today we still mark the evil committed in the past unknowingly.
traitors gate
path of death
This Graveyard has a path all the way round it. Nothing peculiar in that, but look at your path as you walk on it. You will see that the path is in fact grave stones of the dead. The path has a name it is known as the "path of death"

st ackmunds
There are two Churches in the centre of town, that both have tales of bravery linked to them. Both Churches had steeple jacks climb them in the past. One man fell to his death the other was drunk when he climbed the spire...
st marys

Inspirations Interview


We have Interviewed the people who do both walks (Ludlow & Shrewsbury) to find out their inspiration and why they do a ghost walk...


Q. So how did you come up the ideas?

A. We both had the idea at the same time really. And thought why not try it on the public. It was nerve racking those first few shows but people can be very obedient and trusting. I am so surprised even today how trusting people can be..

Q. And what Inspires you personally?

A. The characters do that, we have the privilege to dress up in costumes that are over 100 years old and people say "Its the ghostwalkers" and come up to us for a chat, joke and laugh. But we base our Characters on many people and during the show you can be someone else, who was a murderer or priest etc. You get sucked into the Characters persona and for that short time can be them. It sounds quiet scary really.

Q. Do you ever get scarred or nervous doing a show?

A. We used to be. But now we don't, we both look forwards to the shows. I think the crowd are more nervous than we are!

Q. You do a lot of Charity Work, how come?

A. Our sponsored Charity is Cancer Research UK we do a lot of fund raising for them, we think its important to give back something to the people who come on the walk, and what better way than a charity that helps people overcome a 21st century illness

Q. And the future?

A. To do more shows of course these walks are a start you we see us more often ringing the death bell waiting for hapless souls to take into the unknown...

The interview was done after a Friday night Show the twinkle in the eyes of the two characters was slightly sinister but they were perfect gentleman.

The Walk Organiser's would like to thank their wives and friends that have encouraged them and put up with the nights out, rehearsal's, press shoots, makeup, costumes and endless material research. Without them there never would of been a walk.

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