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The Historic Ludlow Ghostwalk
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The night is drawing in. Our guides will approach ringing the death bell. Do you have the courage to be led by them into the unknown.

Grisly stories and macabre tales of Hangings, Executions, Plague, Warfare, Brutal Murders, Haunting, Medieval Punishment, Grave Robbing, Body Snatching, Witchcraft, Cannibalism...and many more.

Our guides will take you on a spine tingling journey into the unknown. The tour will start at 7pm prompt from the bottom of Fish Street in Shrewsbury's Town Centre.


st julians


Come with our guides to find the true account of being buried alive in a Shrewsbury Church Yard.

river seven


1000 feet of rope was all that held Mr Cadman aloft over the Sabrine Stream ,did he fall to his death? Our guides have the answer...

traitors gate


A Hanging Garment Cover box is all that remains at Traitors Gate our guides have all the stories about hanging in Shrewsbury's, Bloody and sometimes Brutal Past.
The walks take place at 7pm (prompt) starting at Fish Street, Shrewsbury Town Centre. All we ask is that you bring suitable shoes, a torch, and a STRONG Constitution!
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